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Data Science

Shaping up the future of Hadoop, we are building next gen products, distro and solutions with the open source community. Also, check out our deep learning and data science framework coming soon.



Deploy clusters of massive scale in a self service mode with ScaleTask solution. It's easy, convenient, on-demand and assures super performance. Contact us to get a demo.


Let the machines talk without limits. Channelize the data using our Internet Of Things platform for getting real time alerts, trigger workflows or do analytics.


Research, Learning and Media

Think Hadoop... Think HadoopSphere... The home place for Hadoop committers, analysts and experts to share their thoughts. If you are a big data champion, just buzz HadoopSphere.

About us

ScaleWalk is promoted by the founder of HadoopSphere. With massive experience in enterprise systems and deep linkages into big data community, we bring the best of open source big data and cloud at enterprise scale.
We are just getting started and have already big customers signed up. NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING SOON.



Talk to us. We solve massively parallel complex problems. Trust ScaleWalk for your data and infra solutions. Contact us at info{at}scalewalk.com